What is the Redneck Run

Redneck Run 5k is a Family Friendly, Boot Scoot’in, Hollow Hollar’in, Knee Slap’in Good Ol’ Time! We encourage a fun, family friendly atmosphere at all of our races. Whether you are fit as a fiddle or….Not fit as a fiddle, we want you to enjoy yourself at our race. We cater to all ages, shapes, colors, and sizes because we are all out to have a good time, while raising money for the Charities and Organizations within our own communities. How do we do that you might ask? Well here’s how:

For every person that registers to run/walk we donate ATLEAST $1 to a local Charity or Organization. The amount that we donate is solely based on the community itself, the more registrations, the more we give back! Here’s our scale:

  • 1-250 Registered Runners/Walkers = $1 per
  • 251-500 = $1.25 per
  • 501-750 = $1.50 per
  • 750-999 = $1.75 per
  • 1,000+ = $2.00 per

We LOVE giving back to those who welcome us into their community. So get involved! Get your co-workers at the office together, get your aunts, uncles, kids, cousins, and spouses together. Ask your best friend. Ask whoever you want! Just get registered, come out, and have a great time with us! Make us write the biggest check we’ve ever written to a Charity IN YOUR COMMUNITY!!

Dress to impress!!

We want the Redneck Run to be one of the most fun events your city has ever seen, so we encourage our runners to dress the part. Here are some ideas on what you can wear to “Fit In”:

  • stains, lots of stains. everywhere.
  • Jeans/Jean cutoff shorts
  • overalls
  • camo pants/shorts
  • jean jacket
  • racing jacket
  • hunting and fishing attire
  • oversize aviator sunglasses
  • cowboy hats, camo hats, trucker hats
  • blacked out teeth
  • mullets

Redneck After Party

Come for the Run, Stay for the Party! Take in the whole Redneck experience with a morning full of activities in our post-race after party. Our after party is free for participants and spectators of all ages.

  • Register your team of 2 into the “Cornhole Tournament Challenge”, Winner takes home $500 CASH!
  • Grab a Friend and Play one of our many Yard Games Such as Yard Pong or Giant Connect Four
  • Enjoy our live DJ playing all your favorite Country and Dance Music
  • Visit our Vendor Coral and get registered for a ton of cool Prizes and Giveaways

Don't Forget Cornhole Tournament Tickets!