Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you may have.

Event Information

Are there refunds?

Unfortunately, we DO NOT issue refunds. The logistics of setting up and planning the event make it impossible. Location and date are subject to change. We will make every effort to maintain the original date and location, however some locations may cancel or city regulations make a date or location impossible to use. Just make sure you are good to go before signing up. If for some reason you can’t make it to race day, at least come to the check in, pick up your Redneck Run gear, and say hi to us!

Is Redneck Run Timed?

The Redneck Run 5k is a timed event. Seasoned Runners that like to be timed will be placed at the front of the start line. Those who prefer to walk will be place behind them, and those running with families and younger children or strollers will start towards the back.

Do I have to wear the shirt provided?

No you do not! You can wear whatever shirt you like to the event.

When and Where Can I Get My Packet?

Packet pickup is typically held the day before the event from 5-8PM. Specifics of each run’s packet pickup location and time can be found on the event’s page about two weeks before the event.

Can I get a friend's packet?

Yes, we do allow people to pick up packets for other people (team member, family, friends). As long as their waiver has been signed online (generally done during registration) you will just need to present their confirmation email. That way, we know you have permission to get your friends’ stuff!

What comes with a standard entry?

Runners will receive a Redneck Run 5k commemorative race shirt, a Redneck Run Finisher’s Medal, race bib with number, donation to charity, and admission to the Redneck Backyard After Party.

Is there a charge for parking?

We try and find venues that offer free parking, but occasionally there will be a charge for parking (most venues charge @ $10 and are cash only). We encourage runners to carpool to the event with your friends, family, or team!

Are pets allowed at the event?

Yes pets are allowed at any of the races.

Do you donate to a charity or cause?

YES, we do. Our vision for Redneck Run event is bringing fundraising to local communities, fun and memories. We select a different local organization for each city. To see the charity we use for each city, check out the location’s page.

Can I transfer to another city/date?

We can transfer you to another city as long as you email us at least 2 days prior to the event. We cannot, however, if the race is already past. Please note that registrations must be used within the same calendar year as they were originally purchased for.

Redneck Backyard After Party

Are spectators allowed to the after party?

Absolutely! We want the Redneck Run 5k to be a fun event for everyone, regardless of if they run or not. Plus after each race we will have our Cornhole Tournament Challenge, Redneck Yard Games, Vendor Village, and Music to dance and party to until the wee hours of the afternoon.

Can you register for the Cornhole Tournament Challenge without participating in the race?

YES! We want to include as many people as we can! The Cornhole Tournament Challenge also pays out the top 3 finishers.

Runners Under 18

Is there an age requirement?

All ages are welcome!! This is a great family event with lots of fun, music, and memories.

If they can run or walk the 3 miles of the course, they can absolutely participate! You may also bring a stroller for the little ones Children 5 and under can run with an adult FREE of charge and do not need to register.

As soon as they turn 6 years of age, they will need to register and have a race bib! If the race recipient is under the age of 18 a parent guardian must sign a waiver on their behalf and be chaperoned with an adult over the age of 18.

Are strollers or wagons allowed?

Yes, as long as you are here to have a ton of fun and be the best parent in the world. Children 5 and under can run with an adult FREE of charge and DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER!

Do kids under the age of 6 need to register if they are free?

They do not need to be registered for the event! Our Little Glowers, 5 and under, can run with an adult FREE of charge and DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER!

If I am under 18 how do I get my packet?

You will need to have either your parent/guardian get your packet at the packet pickup location or on race day. If they cannot attend either you will need to have a copy of their ID and a signed copy of the waiver from your parent/guardian.

Here is the waiver if you need it.


Weather Policies

Our participants’ safety is the most important thing and if any of the threatening weather conditions listed below are present the day of the event, the event may be delayed or canceled.

Threatening Weather Conditions

Redneck Run will be canceled or delayed if any of the following weather conditions exist: Tornado Warning, Tornado Watch, Thunderstorm/Electrical Storm, “Heavy” Rain, other major weather condition.

Start of the Race / Cancellation of the Event

The start of the event will be delayed if any of the above mentioned conditions exist. The event will then be canceled if any of the weather conditions persist: Tornado Warning, Tornado Watch or Thunderstorm/Electrical Storm.

Authority to Cancel the Event

The Race Director, in accordance with the city and the local law enforcement, has the authority to cancel the event. If threatening weather conditions force cancellation of the event, no refunds can be provided, since funds were already spent in preparation for race day.

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